Diesel Engine Wood Chipper

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Diesel Engine Wood Chipper

Diesel Engine Wood Chipper, is made by China factory.It has self-power,simplicity of opreator.very practical for you.The engine is powerful ,40HP is powerful on this machin
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Product Application

Wood chipper can crush wood branches which diameter up to 180mm or 7 inches. The final chips size is about 20-50mm so that you can't make pellets or briquette directly. Now, you have to use hammer mill, then make pellets or briquette. And the wood chipper just can crush the hard material, can't crush corn stalk, grass, maize etc.

Specifications of the diesel wood chipper:
Item CK-18M CK-18H CK-22M CK-22H CK-40H
Power 18hp, 1 cylinder, 2000rpm 22hp, 1 cylinder, 2000rpm 40hp, 4 cylinder, 2200rpm
Chip Max. wood 18cm/7” 18cm/7” 18cm/7”
Flywheel dia. 600mm 600mm 600mm
Flywheel speed 1025rpm 1025rpm 1025rpm
Feeding system Manual Hydraulic Manual Hydraulic Hydraulic
Blade quantity 2pcs 2pcs 2pcs
Chips size 2-5cm 2-5cm 2-5cm
Outlet rotate angle 360° 360° 360°
Weight 660kg 680kg 780kg
Capacity 6-7m3/h 7-8m3/h 8-9m3/h
Volume of oil tank 18L 18L 18L
Packing size 150*150*135cm 150*150*135cm 180*150*135cm

Diesel Engine Wood Chipper
Diesel Engine Wood Chipper
Diesel Engine Wood Chipper
Diesel Engine Wood Chipper
hat kind of raw material is suitable for the Small Pellet Press Machine ?
A: All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, wood branch, straw, coconut shell, corn, straw, grain,soybean and etc.
Any requirements on materials?
A: Ideal size of the raw material should be 1-5mm, ideal moisture of the powder should be 10%-20%
What kind capacity do you have?
A: 40-60kg/h,120-200kg/h, 180-250kg/h, 300-400kg/h, 400-500kg/h and 500-600kg/h,600-800kg/h and etc.
Can I visit your factory, where is your factory located?
A: Yes, sure, welcome to visit our factory at any time, we are in Laizhou city. Shandong province,China
About the installation, can you help us to install them?
A: Yes, sure, we can sent technical personnel to the scene of the on-the-spot guidance equipment installation, debugging and training operators,
Any further question, please be free to contact me by phone, email, etc.

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