Slump Retention Polycarboxylate Liquid

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Slump Retention Polycarboxylate Liquid

Slump Retention Polycarboxylate Liquid, Excellent dispersion can provide a strong water reduction effect,the water reduction rate of concrete is more than 40%, it provide a guarantee to improve the performance and strength of concrete, saving cement
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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer is a new excogitate environmental superplasticizer. It is a concentrated product, best high water reduction, high slump retention ability, low alkali content for the product, and it having high strength gained rate. At the same time, it also can improve the plastic index of fresh concrete, so as to improve the performance of concrete pumping in construction. It can be widely used in premix of common concrete, gushing concrete, high strength and durability concrete. Especially! It can be used in high strength and durability concrete having excellent capability.

Item Specification
Appearance light yellow or white liquid
Solid content 40%/50%
Water reducing agent ≥25%
pH value 6.5-8.5
Density 1.10±0.01 g/cm3
Initial seting time -90 - +90 min.
Chloride ≤0.02%
Na2SO4 ≤0.2%
Cement paste fluidity ≥280mm
Physical & mechanical properties:
Test Items Specification Test Result
Water Reducing Rate(%) ≥25 30
Ratio of bleeding rate at normal pressure(%) ≤60 0
Air Content(%) ≤5.0 2.5
Slump retention value mm ≥150 200
Ratio of Compressive Strength(%) 1d ≥170 243
  3d ≥160 240
  7d ≥150 220
  28d ≥135 190
Ritio of Shrinkage(%) 28d ≤105 102
Corrosion of reinforcing steel bar None None
1. High water reduction: Excellent dispersion can provide a strong water reduction effect,the water reduction rate of concrete is more than 40%, it provide a guarantee to improve the performance and strength of concrete, saving cement.
2. Easying to control production: Controling water reduction ratio, plasticity and air entraining by adjusting molecular weight of main chain, length and density of side chain, type of side chain group.
3. High slump retention ability: Excellent slump retention ability, especially has good performance in the low slump maintain, to ensure the performance of concrete, without affecting the normal condensation of concrete.
4. Good adhesion: Making concrete have excellent workability, Non-layer, without segregation and bleeding.
5. Ecellent workability: High fluidity, easily deposing and compacting, to make concrete reducing viscosity, without bleeding and segregation, easily pumping.
6. High strength gained rate: Greatly increasing early and after strength, reducing energy loss. Reduction of cracking, shrinkage and creep.
7. Wide adaptability: It is compatible with ordinary silicate cement, silicate cement, slag silicate cement and all kinds of blendings having excellent dispersibility and plasticity
8. Excellent durability: Low lacunarate,Low alkali and chlorin-ion content. Enhancing concrete strength and durability
9. Environmental friendly products: No formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients,No pollution during production.
1.Liquid product:1000kg tank or flexitank.
2.Stored under 0-35℃,far away from sunlight.
Slump Retention Polycarboxylate Liquid
hat kind of raw material is suitable for the Small Pellet Press Machine ?
A: All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, wood branch, straw, coconut shell, corn, straw, grain,soybean and etc.
Any requirements on materials?
A: Ideal size of the raw material should be 1-5mm, ideal moisture of the powder should be 10%-20%
What kind capacity do you have?
A: 40-60kg/h,120-200kg/h, 180-250kg/h, 300-400kg/h, 400-500kg/h and 500-600kg/h,600-800kg/h and etc.
Can I visit your factory, where is your factory located?
A: Yes, sure, welcome to visit our factory at any time, we are in Laizhou city. Shandong province,China
About the installation, can you help us to install them?
A: Yes, sure, we can sent technical personnel to the scene of the on-the-spot guidance equipment installation, debugging and training operators,
Any further question, please be free to contact me by phone, email, etc.

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