Fulvic Acid

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Fulvic Acid

Model: Fulvic acidName: Fulvic acidChemical Formula: C14H12O8, Fulvic Acid 80% Powder Green Organic Fertilizer Fulvic Acid Agriculture Grade CAS: 479-66-3
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Fulvic acid belongs to humic acid, it is a water-soluble, gray-black powdery substance. It is a kind of plant growth regulator, can promote plant growth, has an important role in drought resistance, can improve plant resistance to stress, increase output and improve the crops quality. The main application is for the wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, millet, rice, cotton, peanuts, rape, tobacco, silkworm mulberry, fruits, vegetables and so on.

Items&Specifications CF-1
Appearance Brown Powder
Fulvic acid ≥42%
Nitrogen ≥7%
Moisture ≤5%
Potassium Oxide ≥3%
pH 5-7
Organic Matter ≥67%
1. It can improve the soil aggregate structure,have a distinct function of improving the roots activity and enhancing the roots system development,prevent premature aging.
2. It can improve the ability of anti-drought,anti-lodging,and prevent the continuous crooping,resist bacterial infection.
3. It improve the efficiency of fertilizers and pesticides,absorb and complex the toxic substance from the soils.
4. For medical usage, it can strength the body immunity system.
5. Used as feed additive, it can improve animal appetite, enhance resistance to disease.
6. Used as colorants for industry and cigars, ceramic additives,mineral processing inhibitors, battery cathode expansion agent, heavy metal ion adsorbent.

Package: 25kg plastic bags with PP liner. Alternative package may be available upon request.
Storage: Shelf-life time is 2 years if kept in cool,dried place.Test should be done after expiration.
Fulvic Acid
hat kind of raw material is suitable for the Small Pellet Press Machine ?
A: All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, wood branch, straw, coconut shell, corn, straw, grain,soybean and etc.
Any requirements on materials?
A: Ideal size of the raw material should be 1-5mm, ideal moisture of the powder should be 10%-20%
What kind capacity do you have?
A: 40-60kg/h,120-200kg/h, 180-250kg/h, 300-400kg/h, 400-500kg/h and 500-600kg/h,600-800kg/h and etc.
Can I visit your factory, where is your factory located?
A: Yes, sure, welcome to visit our factory at any time, we are in Laizhou city. Shandong province,China
About the installation, can you help us to install them?
A: Yes, sure, we can sent technical personnel to the scene of the on-the-spot guidance equipment installation, debugging and training operators,
Any further question, please be free to contact me by phone, email, etc.

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