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Design features of baler

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1. integrated circuit design: new circuit design, the control of the packing operation and iron head temperature plug-in circuit board packing machine, circuit board replacement is very convenient, convenient service packaging machine.

2. instant heating, immediately packaged: innovative high-speed hot melt system design, within 5 seconds can make hot film work, so that the PET baler into the best packaging state.

3. automatic stop device, power saving utility: when the bale finished 60 seconds if no operation, packing machine has compact structure, the motor will stop automatically enter standby state.

4. new type brake design: the packer uses the brake with the disc, adopts the special spring design, guarantees the belt to be stable, does not have the noise, the packing machine price is reasonable.

Principle characteristics

1 、 the machine adopts the new integrated circuit, access PC board control the whole package action, super bass design;

2, the whole combination of sophisticated, mature, ultra-low noise, reduce work pressure;

3, fast packing, each bale takes only 2 seconds; instantaneous heating, 5 seconds can make the heating plate work, enter the best state of packing, power utility;

60 seconds stop at the standby state 4, packing action is completed, a new generation of electric steel sheet design;

5, improve design, elaborate manufacture, use a wide range, regardless of size packaging, without adjusting the machine, you can pack;

6. The machine belongs to the mechanical structure, and adopts imported parts. The knife edge is stable and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient;

7, the packing machine table top is high, easy to operate, easy to handle, suitable for packing lighter items.

8, no deformation, short circuit, packaging for a wide range;

9, the market any packing belt, and from 6mm~15mm, adhesive effect is best.